Safety Standards


Your health and safety are our priority.

We are the only encapsulators in New Orleans who offer placenta pickup by professional HIPAA compliant medical couriers. You will never have to worry about your placenta being picked up quickly or safely.

Your placenta is processed in our placenta kitchen in uptown New Orleans by a certified placenta specialist. We follow food safety and preparation guidelines and OSHA blood borne pathogen certified. This means that we wear personal protective equipment and all items used in preparation and storing your placenta products are FDA approved.

Your placenta will receive an ID sticker at your place of birth and this will stay with your placenta throughout the process. No food, pets, or children are allowed in our placenta preparation area.

This, along with our other safety measures, ensures there is no cross contamination of your placenta. We set the standard for safety in New Orleans and have been encapsulating placentas since 2010.