What is this?

We turn your placenta into easy to use products. We offer vegan gel capsules, tinctures, salves, and prints designed to help you have a happy postpartum.


The benefits of placenta encapsulation may include reduction in post natal bleeding, increased energy and milk supply, balanced hormones and mood, and a reduced occurance of postpartum depression.

What’s the Research Say?

Placentophagy, or consuming one’s placenta, is currently not an evidenced based practice. This isn’t because it has been proven to not be helpful, it’s because there isn’t a body of evidence to say much about it at all. There is a growing amount of research and we look forward to future publications. Here are some articles you may find helpful.

Placentophagy - A Behavioral Enigma
Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone and Postpartum Depression
Placenta Ingestion Helps Alleviate Pain
Placenta Ingestion Lowers Progesterone and Raises Prolactin Levels - higher prolactin means more milk
Maternal Iron and Postpartum Emotions - placenta is iron rich
Iron supplements decrease fatige. - fatigue is associated with postpartum depression

Raw or Steamed?

Steaming prior to dehydration is the traditional method of preparation. The raw method of preparation omits steaming the placenta prior to dehydration. We follow and maintain food safe temperatures during all processes. Steaming may reduce the total number of capsules.

What about GBS?

GBS, or Group Beta Strep, is a bacterium pregnant people are tested for during pregnancy. If you are positive for this bacterium we are comfortable encapsulating your placenta if you receive appropriate antibiotic treatment. If you are GBS pos and you do not receive antibiotic treatment we are not able to encapsulate your placenta. However, we are able to prepare a placenta print and cord keepsake for you.

Do you provide in-home services?

Yes, we can also offer placenta encapsulation in your home. You will be mailed a transport kit and will be responsible for keeping your placenta at the appropriate temperature and having it moved to your home, into your refrigerator. Our placenta specialist will coordinate with you to visit your home twice to complete the encapsulation.

What if I have a cesarean or medicated birth?

No problem. Your placenta can be encapsulated for you if used pain medications during birth and if you had a cesarean birth to welcome your baby.

What if I already have my placenta at home?

As long as your placenta has been properly stored, you have options. We can provide services in your home, or you may choose to have our medical courier pick up your placenta and deliver it to our professional placenta kitchen.